Ocean v2.1.1 released

Daniel Kozak via Digitalmars-d-announce digitalmars-d-announce at puremagic.com
Fri Sep 23 00:09:15 PDT 2016

On Friday, 23 September 2016 at 03:04:29 UTC, Chris Wright wrote:
> What does Ocean do?

 From github repo:

Ocean is a general purpose library, compatible with both D1 and 
D2, with a focus on supporting the development of 
high-performance, real-time applications. This focus has led to 
several noteworthy design choices:

Ocean is not cross-platform. The only supported platform is Linux.
Ocean assumes a single-threaded environment. Fiber-based 
multi-tasking is favoured, internally.
Ocean aims to minimise use of the D garbage collector. GC collect 
cycles can be very disruptive to real-time applications, so Ocean 
favours a model of allocating resources once then reusing them, 
wherever possible.
Ocean began life as an extension of Tango, some elements of which 
were eventually merged into Ocean.

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