Google Summer of Code 2019

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Dec 10 13:54:11 UTC 2018

On Monday, 10 December 2018 at 11:22:04 UTC, Francesco Mecca 

> I can see from the previous GSOC entries in the wiki that there 
> are many projects that are still interesting IMHO.
> Even my entry is just a rehash of the interest around calypso 
> given that we now have dpp.
> Why aren't they included in the current GSOC page?

I don't want to blindly copy project ideas from the old pages to 
the new one. I don't know what information is still relevant, any 
new forums discussions or other links that can provide more 
background, etc. I encourage anyone who added ideas to the older 
pages to update them as needed for the new page.

If we don't have a good number of ideas before I submit our 
application, I'll do what I need to do to flesh out the list.

> Also, shouldn't students propose after the Dlang foundation 
> gets accepted?

Students should submit their applications to Google at that time, 
yes. But the timeline for how we handle our own process is 
entirely up to us. Before I submit our organization application, 
I want to have a good idea of how many students are interested, 
how many mentors are interested, and have as many of them paired 
up as we can get. That will help us move things along more 

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