Blog post: What D got wrong

Atila Neves atila.neves at
Tue Dec 11 12:57:03 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 11 December 2018 at 12:52:20 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
> On Tuesday, 11 December 2018 at 10:45:39 UTC, Atila Neves wrote:
>> A few things that have annoyed me about writing D lately:
> If @property worked for a thing to return a delegate, it would 
> be useful.
> But noooo, we got worked up over syntax and forgot about 
> semantics :(

@property is useful for setters. Now, IMHO setters are a code 
stink anyway but sometimes they're the way to go. I have no idea 
what it's supposed to do for getters (nor am I interested in 
learning or retaining that information) and never slap the 
attribute on.

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