now it's possible! printing floating point numbers at compile-time

Basile B. b2.temp at
Sat Dec 22 21:06:48 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 22 December 2018 at 20:24:46 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
> On Saturday, 22 December 2018 at 20:08:12 UTC, Stefan Koch 
> wrote:
>> Thus enabling you to convert doubles into strings at 
>> compiletime.

Cool, CTFE formating is something that occasionaly comes in the 
forum. Now i remember there's also RYU [1] that could have worked 

> Aww .... I am dumb ... should have waited 2 days :)

No because actually from a pagan point of view the big thing was 
yesterday night (solstice).

> Anyhow I hope that this is helpful to some of you.
> Please note that grisu 2 will give you representation which 
> will convert into the same(!) floatingpoint number you passed 
> in >92% of all possible inputs.
> Meaning you can round trip from string to double without loss 
> of bits, for very many number but not all of them, that said 
> the accuracy in general should be better than what a usual 
> sprintf would give you.
> Cheers and Merry Christmas,
> Stefan


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