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Mon Dec 16 11:58:34 UTC 2019

On Monday, 16 December 2019 at 11:04:38 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
> As you may have already noticed, the main registry server, 
> got unreachable yesterday. This was caused by an 
> old VPS of mine getting terminated. The registry had already 
> moved to a different server years ago, but, without me 
> realizing it, the DNS entry still pointed to the old one, with 
> a "temporary" HTTP proxy forwarding to the new server being set 
> up.
> By now the DNS entry has been corrected, an up-to-date TLS 
> certificate is in place, and the registry is running stable. 
> There are still reports of people not being able to access 
>, which is apparently caused by intermediate DNS 
> servers still reporting the old IP address and should start 
> working during the next few hours. A temporary workaround is to 
> specify --registry= on the dub command line.
> Unfortunately both fallback servers have been down for a while 
> now, so that this resulted in a total blackout. I plan to move 
> the main registry to a powerful dedicated server in January, 
> which will fix all memory resource related issues that 
> sometimes show up, and could then keep the current VPS as a 
> relatively reliable fallback server. Both together should 
> guarantee virtually 100% uptime, although more fallback servers 
> are of course highly desirable.
> In addition to that, I plan to separate the repository polling 
> process form the web and REST frontend, as the former appears 
> to be the main cause for failures (a GC memory leak of some 
> kind and a possibly codegen related crash when being compiled 
> with DMD being the two known issues, which both need further 
> investigation).

Hi Sonke,

Thanks a lot for taking care of the issues so quickly and taking 
I was a bit sad yesterday not being able to upgrade, but now the 
new registry server is a lot faster here! It makes browsing the 
registry a pleasure.


For all future readers, here is something you can do in case of 
DUB failure.

What to do if the DUB registry is down:
- Checkout all dependencies manually.

    $ git clone mydep
    $ cd mydep
    $ git checkout <desired-tag>

- Add those dependencies as local packages:

    $ dub add-local .
    $ cd ..

- Build your project normally. The local packages should override 
the online packages.

    $ dub build


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