My Android project nearing beta

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Wed Dec 18 00:33:38 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 17 December 2019 at 22:28:32 UTC, kinke wrote:
> Instead of wrappers around ldc2 and dub, I'd prefer a little 
> generic tool

My implementation is pretty generic - look at the source. All it 
really does is

foreach(target; [x86, x86_64, armv7, aarch64])
    dub build -a target;

and the android-ldc wrapper simply forwards to ldc2 to compile 
while calling a separate linker.

Both programs combined are < 100 lines. (I almost just did a 
shell script but figured easier to just do it in D for cross 
platform compatibility).

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