[nvimhost-d] neovim/nvim plugins natively in D!

bauss jj_1337 at live.dk
Wed Jan 9 11:25:13 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 8 January 2019 at 21:29:51 UTC, viniarck wrote:
> Hi All,
> What if you could write natively high-performance nvim plugins 
> in D? Which kind of plugins would you write? It turns out now 
> you can.
> I've just released `nvimhost` v1.1.1, 
> https://github.com/viniarck/nvimhost-d.
> I haven't written that many plugins yet, but the past weeks 
> I've been using one simple plugin to quickly switch between 
> `*.c*` and `*.h*` files (since I'm doing C++ full time in my 
> day job) 
> https://github.com/viniarck/nvimhost-d/blob/master/examples/altfile_plugin.d, and it's been stable so far. I'll release more plugins soon, stay tuned. This library is still pretty new, so, I'd appreciate any feedback and look forward to your contribution/plugins.
> Let me take the chance to also thank @zombinedev and @wilzbach 
> who promptly helped me in the slack channel when I needed help.

That's pretty cool.

Good job!

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