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Tue Jan 15 05:18:45 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 12 January 2019 at 15:51:03 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu 
> If nothing else please watch the opening story, it's true and 
> quite funny :o).
> Now as to the talk, as you could imagine, it touches on another 
> language as well...
> Andrei

Awesome talk! As usual.

Regarding this quote: "The ruby guy next to you is writing just 
as crappy code..."  I don't think that's really correct. The 
reference is code complete, which is published in 93 (i.e. no 
java, no ruby, before the stl even?) and i believe (just googled 
this so may be wrong) the reference in that book is from a 1977 
paper on programmer quality and productivity and the 2004 edition 
of code complete changes the number form 15 to 50 / 1000 to 1 .. 
25 / 1000, but references the same paper afaik.

Here's a more recent study:

Here's an article that summarizes it ->

Quote from article:

"The languages with the strongest positive coefficients - meaning 
associated with a greater number of defect fixes are C++, C, and 
Objective-C, also PHP and Python.  On the other hand, Clojure, 
Haskell, Ruby and Scala all have significant negative 
coefficients implying that these languages are less likely than 
average to result in defect fixing commits."

Also this is more anecdotal, but for example going from 
objective-c to swift, the number of non-application-specific bugs 
per line (regardless of whether or not that's even a good measure 
🤷‍♂️), i feel, has gone down by an exaggerated order of magnitude.

- Ali

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