B Revzin - if const expr isn't broken (was Re: My Meeting C++ Keynote video is now available)

Johannes Loher johannesloher at fg4f.de
Thu Jan 17 22:57:59 UTC 2019

Am 17.01.19 um 23:20 schrieb Stefan Koch:
> For 2 years I have pondered this problem, and I did come up with a
> solution.
> It's actually not that hard to have CTFE interact with type-tuples.
> You can pass them as function parameters, or return them if you wish.
> Of course a type-tuple returning ctfe function, is compile-time only.
> This solved one more problem that ctfe has:
> helper functions required for ctfe can only be omitted from the binary,
> if you use the trick of putting them into a module which is the import
> path but never explicitly given on the command line.
> newCTFE has the facility to be extended for this, and implementing
> type-functions is at least on my personal roadmap.
> At Dconf 2018 Andrei and Walter said, a DIP which is substantiated
> enough might make it.
> However due to lack of time, (and productivity-reducing internal
> changes) it will take some time until I can get started on this.
> Also I plan for newCTFE to be in shape before I add type-manipulation
> abilities.
> Cheers,
> Stefan
> P.S. There is one caveat: because of how type-functions work they
> cannot, you cannot create a non-anonymous symbol inside a type-function,
> because there is no way to infer a mangle.
> You can however create an anonymous symbol and alias it inside a
> template body, which gives it a mangle and it can behave like a regular
> symbol.
This is one of the most exciting things i have read in recent times!

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