The New Fundraising Campaign

JN 666total at
Sat Jan 19 13:21:36 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 19 January 2019 at 12:38:48 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
> The norm is for pages to not load in the browser. I don't think 
> it's necessary to elaborate on the impression this creates on 
> potential users.

Yes. Unfortunately I encounter it quite often. Just now the 
loading of the forum has stalled for me for like 20 seconds until 
it finally loaded. I have mixed feelings about this forum. I 
understand it's just a facade over email. I think it works quite 
well, and I prefer it to traditional email newsgroups. But 
sometimes you'd like fancy stuff like embedding images into your 
post, especially when showing off a project.

What I'd really like to see though is an additional section in 
the "D Programming Language - Ecosystem". Something like 
"Projects". Where you can create threads for projects that you 
have started, are working on etc. Something like the old dsource 
forums .

Right now there's no place for that. You have General, but it's 
for language discussion. Learn is for learning. Announce might 
work for that, but in general it's for release announcements, 
rather than continued discussion on the project, also it doesn't 
work for work in progress projects. I think if such section 
existed, with subsections for notable projects, it'd greatly 
boost the community. Look at projects like GtkD or VibeD - they 
have their own forums. Most people frequent both their forums and 
here, but I imagine there are some people that only hang out on 
GtkD or VibeD forums. I think it would be beneficial to bring 
those people here.

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