Top Five World’s Most Underrated Programming Languages

bachmeier no at
Wed Jan 23 14:14:06 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 23 January 2019 at 12:26:02 UTC, rikki cattermole 

> Also as an FYI, Rust has had significant marketing effort put 
> into it. Consider its home page, it tells a story to get you 
> into developing code fast. D's doesn't. It is much better and I 
> think it might be time to have a complete rethink of D's 
> because the last redesign wasn't all that different to what it 
> was prior.

I've made this comparison many times before, but I'll do it 

Look at what Rust offers as documentation for Cargo:

This is what you get with Dub:

One is professional documentation, the other was something hacked 
together by a sixth grader over the weekend. The Dub 
documentation is good through the part demonstrating `dub init`, 
then it falls apart. It talks about two configuration file 
formats - not one, but two ("use whichever you prefer") and I 
have no idea there is even a discussion of configuration file 
formats at that point. Then there's a link to this word dump

Noticeably absent: how I'm supposed to *use* Dub. Where do I put 
my source files? How do I add dependencies? Have you ever heard 
of an example?

Then a little below that is a link to this page: I wonder what that is for. Can't 
make heads or tails out of that.

This is *introduction to the language*. If someone sees that and 
doesn't run away, there's something wrong. I most definitely 
would have gone with Rust if it had been usable when I started 
using D. The Dub documentation makes it really hard to bring in 
users - and makes Rust look like a sane language in comparison.

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