Spasm 0.1.3 released - with bindings to web apis

Sebastiaan Koppe mail at
Sun Jan 27 09:14:33 UTC 2019

On Saturday, 26 January 2019 at 23:40:01 UTC, Mike Franklin wrote:
> This is really cool; nice work!


> Are you aware of SignalR, and do you see something similar 
> eventually being added to Spasm?

I don't use .NET myself, but I once reverse engineered a signalR 
client for some data feed I wanted to listen to, so I am a little 
familiar with it.

But why not use gRPC over websockets, or real-time graphQL? Spasm 
has bindings to the browsers websocket and I don't think its hard 
to connect that to a D client implementation of gRPC or graphQL.

> Also, what are the limitations that prevent the D runtime (just 
> druntime, not Phobos) from being ported to WASM?

The real blocker was the GC. In wasm the address space starts at 
0, so almost everything looks like a pointer :)

But now that we have a precise GC, that should be solved.

Maybe some issues with threaded since Webassembly is currently 
single-threaded (although multithreading is on the roadmap.)

So yeah, there aren't many blockers. I did actually try it a 
couple of months ago, and got pretty far. But I wanted to keep 
things lean and mean and decided to constrain it to betterC.

I am first going to see how well I can implement some material-ui 
components. That is going to be the litmus test for the SPA 
framework part of spasm.

> Again, nice work!

Thanks. A lot of praise goes to the LDC team and the fact they 
build it on top of LLVM.

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