New Fundraiser: D Forums Server

Martin Tschierschke mt at
Tue Jan 29 10:08:49 UTC 2019

On Monday, 28 January 2019 at 20:00:53 UTC, Johannes Loher wrote:
> Am 25.01.19 um 18:01 schrieb Mike Parker:
>> One of the options we were considering for a new fundraising 
>> campaign was raising money for Vladimir's continuing efforts 
>> on the forums. He's been maintaining them, and covering the 
>> server, without any compensation since the beginning. The 
>> recent thread about forum outages pushed all other 
>> considerations aside: it's time to support Vladimir.
>> However, being the awesome guy he is, he insisted we only help 
>> out in covering the server costs. So that's what we're setting 
>> out to do with the new campaign.
>> He has a list of options to improve the forum performance, one 
>> of which he recently implemented (moving the database to a new 
>> partition). A new server with more resources and an SSD should 
>> show an even bigger win. Then he can take the time to do his 
>> other optimizations at his leisure.
>> We're asking the community to contribute $2000 to cover the 
>> new server for one year, with a little bit extra for any 
>> incidentals that arise. This is a campaign we want to make an 
>> annual event so that Vladimir never has to pay out of pocket 
>> for the server again.
>> The campaign is available from the menu on the Donate page, 
>> but you can go straight to it here:
>> And if you also want to support Vladimir in the broader work 
>> he does on all the open source software he puts out, he has a 
>> Patreon page that is looking pretty empty right now:
>> Next month, I'll be launching Round 2 of the PR Manager 
>> campaign for another three months of PR trimming goodness. We 
>> pulled in $3,124 from Round 1, so the extra $124 will be used 
>> for a head start on Round 2.
>> I'll put all of this in a blog post in the next few days, 
>> along with some other info.
> I would like to donate for this, but flipcause does not seem to 
> work for me at all:
> I tried to make the donation several times, but after entering 
> all the details and payment details and clicking on "Finish", I 
> either got a message saying something like "Sorry, your session 
> expired. Redirecting you to 'Home'" or i was simply redirected 
> to 'Home' without any message.
> Considering the other comments in this thread, it seems like I 
> am not the only one who has issues like that. Maybe you should 
> get in touch with flipcause in order to try to resolve these 
> issues.

I now, know a little more, first I had the same behavior, with 
the session expired
message, than at the third try it seemed to go trough but, it 

I called my bank and they where so nice to ask at the mastercard 
service what hat happened,
the result was, that my card was not using / registered for 
"Mastercard® Secure Code"

But this security feature was requested by flipcause, and so the 
process was canceled.

The bad thing is, that no appropriate information about this was 
returned to me.

I think, for a service with a relatively high monthly fee, this 
should work better, because the core feature.

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