eBay's TSV Utilities status update

James Blachly james.blachly at gmail.com
Fri May 3 03:54:14 UTC 2019

On 4/29/19 11:23 AM, Jon Degenhardt wrote:
> An update on changes to this tool-set over the last year.
> The other main update is improved I/O read performance in many of the 
> tools. This is from developing a buffered version of byLine. It is 
> especially effective for skinny files (short lines). Most of the tools 
> saw performance gains of 10-40%.
> One of the earlier performance improvements came from buffering output 
> lines. Combined, the line-by-line read-write performance is quite a bit 
> faster than what is available in Phobos. The iopipe / std.io packages 
> (Steve Schveighoff, Martin Nowak) are faster still, these are the place 
> to go for really high performance. (See the links below for a benchmark 
> report.)
> Links:
> * tsv-utils repo: https://github.com/eBay/tsv-utils
> * tsv-sample user docs: 
> https://github.com/eBay/tsv-utils/blob/master/docs/ToolReference.md#tsv-sample-reference 
> * tsv-sample code docs: 
> https://tsv-utils.dpldocs.info/tsv_utils.tsv_sample.html
> * Performance benchmarks on line-oriented I/O facilities: 
> https://github.com/jondegenhardt/dcat-perf/issues/1


Thank you for this, and thanks for your blog post of a couple of years 
ago, which I referred to many times while learning D and writing 
fast(er) CLI tools.

Looking forward to trying Steve's iopipe as well as your 


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