Datapak: Data storage format with support for multiple compression algorithms

solidstate1991 laszloszeremi at
Sat May 11 00:25:16 UTC 2019

It's primarily function is to store application (such as game) 
assets in either compressed or uncompressed format, but its 
extendability enables it to store longer filenames and other OS 
important data, metadata, etc. Currently it's in a preliminary 
state, but works with zstd compression (the older zlib to be 
added soon, lz4 in a later version), and the hash/checksum 
functions haven't been fully implemented.

Goals in the future:
* Add support for fully random access of files where it's 
possible (such as in uncompressed mode and zstd with shared 
* Collect data on what kind of functions I should add in the 
future (such as finalizing the default extension for file 
* Making the library @safe compliant, mostly through @trusted 
wrappers and boundary checks towards low-level functions.

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