bool (was DConf 2019 AGM Livestream)

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Sun May 12 10:58:49 UTC 2019

On 5/12/19 11:27 AM, Isaac S. wrote:
> This is the crux of the argument: *How* does making bool an integer add 
> to the language?

The crux of the argument is there was a D Improvement Proposal on a 
small language change, and it was rejected.

Rejected D Improvement Proposals on small matters that D language's 
leader thinks strongly about should allow everybody to move on to 
larger, better things.

We are unable to, and should not be required to, provide argumentation 
when making a decision on a DIP that will be to the satisfaction of 
everybody involved. Of course, pressure does exist on making the right 
decision and on framing it properly; otherwise, one poor decision after 
another, we end up with a bad language that people will not want to use.

Walter's last argument in this thread is poorly made and has several 
factual errors. He's traveling and with a bunch of stuff going on right 
after DConf. But the larger point is it doesn't matter - the DIP was 
looked at and rejected (I should add I concurred with the decision and 
still do). Bringing it up over and over again, like a perennial fight in 
a marriage, with the hope of finally convincing the spouse on the 
wrongness of their views - that all is wasted time.

There's a bunch of big rocks to move.

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