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Fri May 17 13:39:35 UTC 2019

On 17.05.2019 15:13, ikod wrote:
> At least he leaded Crimea annexion, war against Georgia, current proxy 
> war on the east of Ukraine. He pretend to defend russians outside of the 
> Russia, but suppress them in their own country.
Well, I let myself to talk a little bit about your statement.
First of all, you are totally wrong.
Crimea people decided to join Russia because they saw what nationalists 
did in Kiev. Crimea people just was scared by nationalist actions. Major 
population in Crimea is Russians. Crimea was Russian long before 
Khrushchev transfer Crimea to Ukrainian SSR - see 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimean_War. Here you can easily read that 
Crimean War was a military conflict between Ottoman Empire, France and 
Britain from one side and Russia on other. Crimean war happened in 
1853-1856, Khrushchev transfer happened in 1954. At least 100 years 
Crimea was Russian before Khrushchev transfer Crimea to Ukrainian SSR. 
Crimea was Ukrainian only 23 years (after dissolution of USSR). Again, 
people decided to join Russia, there was no annexation. More over about 
20 000 members of Armed Forces of Ukraine was based in Crimea and only 6 
000 returned to Ukraine. Others (14 000) became members of Russian Armed 
Forces. Do you think it was possible if Russia was a real aggressor like 
West media said? It was possible just because Ukrainians and Russians 
are very close nations in fact. And this hysteria is artificial. This is 
just the illustration of the principle `divide and rule`.
There is nothing good in this conflict of course. I'm sure that it would 
be better if this conflict not happened at all.

Also about war against Georgia... Do you know that this war was started 
by Georgia? There is a big game between major world players. USA 
promised support to Georgia if Saakashvili (president of Georgia) 
started a war to provocate Russia but didn't fulfill promises 
afterwards. Don't you remember Saakashvili tie chewing when he realized 
that no USA support he had? Also it worths noting that Russian Armed 
Forces was very weak in this conflict. For example they even lost 
strategic bomber Tu-22M3 that is really shame. Russia won this conflict 
just by amount of troops. This operation was unexpected for Russia. It 
was not planned one. Russia was unable to plan and perform military 
operation this level in that period because Russian army was really 
weak. Namely this shame was the reason Russia started reforms in Russian 
Armed Forces.

About proxy war on the east of Ukraine - could't you explain me why 
Ukrainian Armed Forces shell Donetsk and Lugansk? They already have 
killed many civils including children. Why they keep it on? Also Crimea 
people believe that if they didn't join to Russia then a war like on 
east of Ukraine happen in Crimea.

And the last but no least - nobody suppresses me or my friends in 
Russia. Have you ever been in Russia? Yes, RKN blocks some sites. I 
don't see anything wrong in blocking illegal site like site about 
narcotic drugs, arms trafficking and so on. But what is bad that RKN can 
not block specific site and then RKN block subnets and this causing 
problems disturbing law-abiding people. So the problem exists but do not 
call it `suppressing people`.

> PS. I will not follow this discussion and will not arguing as this is 
> not a good place for it.

I'm agree totally. We are programmers. D rocks!)

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