Phobos is now compiled with -preview=dip1000

Meta jared771 at
Fri May 17 22:00:04 UTC 2019

On Friday, 17 May 2019 at 18:45:12 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> On Friday, May 17, 2019 11:25:40 AM MDT Meta via 
> Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
>> I don't want to *restrict* the lifetime of a heap allocation. 
>> I want the compiler to recognize that the lifetime of my 
>> original data is the same as the processed output, and thus 
>> allow my code to compile.
> It is my understanding that DIP 1000 really doesn't track 
> lifetimes at all.

Then why does the DIP, in addition to many of the error messages, 
use the word lifetime? I feel like I know less about DIP1000 and 
what it actually does than when I started. Can someone _please_ 
point me at any up to date documentation on this?

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