D GUI Framework (responsive grid teaser)

Guillaume Piolat first.last at gmail.com
Thu May 23 13:08:28 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, 22 May 2019 at 21:18:58 UTC, Manu wrote:
> People really should look at games for how to write good
> software in general.

While I agree for some AAA games (and I'm sure your employer can 
afford excellent development practics), I'd like to counteract 
that point for balance: for good practice of stability, threading 
and error reporting, people should look at high-availability, 
long-lived server software. A single memory leak will be a 
problem there, a single deadlock.

Games are also particular software in that they simulate worlds 
with many numbers of entities, and that exercise the limits of 
OO. That's a bit specific to games! (and possibly UI)

There also areas where performance matters immensely, such as HFT 
and video, where people spend more time than in games optimizing 
the last percent. Arguably, HFT is maybe the one domain that goes 
the further with performance.

If you want an example of how (sometimes) strangely insular game 
development can be, maybe look at the Jai language. It is 
assuming game developement is a gold standard for software and 
software needs, without ever proving that point.

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