D GUI Framework (responsive grid teaser)

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at gmail.com
Thu May 23 21:01:27 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 23 May 2019 at 20:20:52 UTC, Nick Sabalausky 
(Abscissa) wrote:
> flexibility. And I think you're *SEVERELY* underestimating the 
> flexibility of modern game engines. And I say this having 
> personally used modern game engines. Have you?

No, I don't use them. I read about how they are organized, but I 
have no need for the big gaming frameworks which seems to look 
very bloated, and frankly limiting. I am not really interested in 
big static photorealistic landscapes. If I went there then I 
would go for algorithmic surrealistic landscapes, and the 
frameworks won't fit that. Too static, too euclidean.

When I (which is very rare) hit the hardware I tend to favour 
bare bones for my simple needs which won't benefit from any big 
framework. Hardware is fast enough anyway, the limit is in trying 
to figure out clever ways to use shaders for things like 
audio-waveform zooming and getting decent quality from it etc.  
Hardware is fast enough, the limit is in figuring out the best 
way to do it.

But I am moving towards doing everything in the browser, and am 
adopting Angular for regular UI which is even another layer on 
top of that.  It appears to make me more productive. Maybe I'll 
change my mind later, but right now Angular seems to be more 
productive than other options. So the whining about browsers 
being inefficient is lost on me for regular UI. Programmer 
productivity matters.

Browsers are actually doing quite well with simple 2D graphics 
today. Even some 3D is starting to look ok.

> FWIW, On 80's technology, I would completely agree with you. 
> And even to some extent on 90's tech. But not today.

Ok, I've always been interested in spatial datastructures, audio, 
2D/3D, raytracing and I don't think there, on a fundamental 
level, has been any significant theoretical 
achievements/conceptual shifts since the early 2000s. Except 
perhaps for the increased focus on point-clouds.

So, I think what you see has more to do with GPU performance and 
availability of RAM and more mature frameworks than anything else?

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