Let's celebrate Dlang on D day

Russel Winder russel at winder.org.uk
Sat May 25 23:11:15 UTC 2019

On Sat, 2019-05-25 at 21:56 +0000, Murilo via Digitalmars-d-announce
> Sorry people, I did not mean to disregard the heros of D Day. It 
> is because I am latin american and here nobody cares about the 
> second WW cause we didn't participate much. I didn't know that in 
> the US you people had all of that respect for D Day.

It's not just the USA, D-Day is a very big deal in the UK and France. I
suspect also The Netherlands and Belgium, and probably other places in
western Europe, including Germany.

Having said that, I believe there will be no problem hanging a D
programming language marketing activity on the D-Day celebrations if
the intention is to progress activities that help soldiers and/or
victims associated with the D-Day landing, or indeed anyone indirectly
associated with the landings. 

The issue here is to be subtle and sympathetic/empathetic.

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