Let's celebrate Dlang on D day

Nick Sabalausky (Abscissa) SeeWebsiteToContactMe at semitwist.com
Mon May 27 00:12:51 UTC 2019

On 5/25/19 5:56 PM, Murilo wrote:
> Sorry people, I did not mean to disregard the heros of D Day. It is 
> because I am latin american and here nobody cares about the second WW 
> cause we didn't participate much. I didn't know that in the US you 
> people had all of that respect for D Day.

Don't know about Europe, but here in the US, an unfortunate part of the 
basic culture is that people tend to spend their entire lives here going 
around LOOKING for reasons to be offended, and by golly, they WILL be 
CERTAIN to find it whether it exists or not.

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