D GUI Framework (responsive grid teaser)

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at gmail.com
Mon May 27 01:32:36 UTC 2019

On Monday, 27 May 2019 at 00:33:45 UTC, Nick Sabalausky 
(Abscissa) wrote:
> flat-out wrong) to say about game programming. People hear the 
> word "game", associate it with "insignificant" and promptly 
> shut their brains off.

Not insignificant, but also not necessarily relevant for the 
project in this thread.

There is nothing wrong with Robert's approach from a software 
engineering and informatics perspective.

Why do you guys insist on him doing it your way?

Anyway, if you were to pick up a starting point for a generic GUI 
engine then you would be better off with Skia than with Unity, 
that is pretty certain. And it is not an argument that is 
difficult to make.

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