Reloaded Vibes: Smart auto-reloading service and server for (web) development.

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Wed May 29 16:15:38 UTC 2019

On Monday, 13 May 2019 at 21:56:11 UTC, 0xEAB wrote:
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Reloaded Vibes v0.2.0 was released today.

Let me summarize what changed:

- First, the executable's target name changed (from 
`reloaded-vibes`) to simply `rlv`.

- Most importantly, the UI got improved.
    - The startup info shows up above all.
    - Sockets in startup info are now shown as URLs.
       --> Allows terminals can interpreted them as links.
    - Action commands outputs are cleanly separated with dashed 

- The manual was slightly enhanced.

- In previous releases, Reloaded Vibes wouldn't detect changes 
when there were no active websocket connections, and therefore no 
action commands did get executed in such a case. This is finally 
fixed. (Note: --noservice mode wasn't affected.)

Go check it out:

Kind regards,

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