release of code-d 0.21.0 + serve-d 0.5.1

WebFreak001 at
Wed Nov 13 23:17:21 UTC 2019

hi everyone,

after a long time there is finally a new update for my Visual 
Studio Code extension "code-d"

serve-d is my Language Server Protocol implementation in D using 
workspace-d as a backend. It implements a lot of features and is 
highly optimized for use with code-d.

code-d is my D extension for the code editor Visual Studio Code 
by Microsoft. It is currently the most popular/most installed 
extension for D on the vscode marketplace and offers a lot of 
functionality, especially for beginners. Especially after this 
update it is pretty stable and can be used productively.

This updates brings a lot more stability improvements, lots of 
bug fixes and a few cool new bigger features.

With this post I want to highlight:

- Precompiled binaries on all platforms -
OS X users will no longer have to wait for serve-d to compile 
from source, nightly (previously beta stream) builds are now 
always tested first and also available precompiled for all 
platforms. This also means you no longer need a powerful machine 
to use serve-d on these 3 OSes. There is also a new pre-release 
setting which will get you new features more quickly but still 
relatively stable. I would be happy to have as many people as 
possible who report bugs to switch to this channel.

This makes it extremely easy to start out with D by simply 
installing code-d in vscode and letting it setup everything plus 
guiding you to installing a D compiler. Only on windows you might 
still need to restart your PC to apply PATH changes. Windows 
installation is in general more stabilized on PCs now which have 
never had D installed before.

- New/Improved Code actions -
The "Implement Interface" command is now very well usable in 
common projects. I am not the most heavy user of this, but 
occasionally this is extremely helpful and I think people who 
code D a bit more Java-like will certainly like this feature.

- Big dub build performance improvements -
linting is usually at least 2x faster and is fixed in general now.

- Issue parsing -
build tasks now have a built-in issue parser, there are build 
tasks contributed by default which are editable now and the 
built-in dub lint on save can also show "instantiated from..." 
issues a lot smarter now

- Long standing bugs -
* a lot of startup issues fixed
* dml autocompletion fixed
* closing files didn't make warnings properly disappear / was 
badly configurable
* several sort import bugs fixed
* code-d compilation bugs fixed
* some exit error message boxes on windows fixed
* GC now run regularly
* a lot of syntax highlighting improvements

- Other changes -
There are some snippets for Diet now included. These will be 
replaced with a proper emmet generator soon though so they aren't 
advertised too much, but it should already improve life.

Read the full changelog on

Install in Visual Studio Code by searching webfreak.code-d or see

serve-d binaries:

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