wiki tutorial: D on esp32/esp8266(llvm-xtensa+ldc) and how to get started

dangbinghoo dangbinghoo at
Tue Nov 26 08:57:49 UTC 2019


I just added a simple tutorial to running D betterC on the 
popular ESP32/esp8266 IoT chip.

referenced with the Rust community's Rust on ESP32.

As esp32 IDF is using newlib as it's libc, the druntime and 
phobos just simply won't build.

But betterC seems working, I didn't do with a very strong 
test(actually I don't know if there's betterC test case exists), 
so, just for fun with your own risk!

And, Can we do some work to support druntime building against 
with newlib? If this is true, many MCU would have(newlib supports 
many MCUs) a `real D` running on it.

Binghoo Dang

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