Hunt 1.4.0 released

zoujiaqing zoujiaqing at
Tue Oct 15 06:16:07 UTC 2019

Hunt is an extension library of D language standard library, 
which is equivalent to boost in C++. The core of Hunt is 
event-driven network IO base library. It supports epoll, IOCP and 
kqueue. It has excellent IO performance and friendly API.

In addition, it provides Java container types and concurrent 
modules implemented in pure DLang, common modules such as 
logging, JSON and object binding, as well as several tool 
classes, such as DataTime Helper, Timer, MimeType, Configuration, 
UnitTest, etc. Many HuntLabs frameworks rely on this core library.

## Major changes

The stability of network IO module under each platform is further 
enhanced, and the APIs of some core modules and container modules 
are added and reduced.

Improving the implementation of modules such as JSON 
serialization and value member generation.

## Detailed changes

  * Improving IOCP encapsulation and repairing some data duplicate 
sending under Windows platform;
  * Fixed the problem that the destructor calls the GC operation 
again, resulting in random memory errors in APP.
  * Map type adds clone interface;
  * Based on the latest DMD standard library, the implementation 
of atomic operation getAndSet is improved.
  * Enhance JSON serialization operation, support more complex 
type structure, and improve unit testing;
  * Improving the implementation of mixed template 
ValuesMemberTempate to ensure the thread safety and delay 
initialization of valuesMemberTempate members;
  * It strengthens the exception capture of TcpStream module to 
better record cross-thread exceptions.
  * Add more comments such as Ignore to UnitTest;
  * Remove Radix modules that are rarely used;
  * Float and Double modules add multiple APIs and fix some bugs.
  * The debugging log information prompt was improved to describe 
the error more accurately.

Compiler requirements:
  * Recommendation DMD 2.088+

Source code:

Github repository:

About I/O performance test:

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