Release D 2.088.0

David Gileadi gileadisNOSPM at
Sat Sep 7 19:58:21 UTC 2019

On 9/7/19 12:27 PM, Manu wrote:
> I don't know how to iterate on the docs, since they only appear from
> CI, and I have no idea how to create them myself :/

I don't know what the "correct" way is, but to build locally 
on macOS, from the dir I run:

     DIFFABLE=1 make -f posix.mak html

To build phobos docs locally, from the phobos dir I run:

     make -f posix.mak build-html

To build druntime locally, from the druntime dir I run:

     make -f posix.mak doc

However this last one fails for me on macOS due to platform-specific 
compile errors:

     src/core/stdcpp/typeinfo.d(147): Error: static assert:  "Missing 
std::type_info binding for this platform"

In any case you'll find all the generated local docs in your dir.

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