sumtype 0.9.0: BetterC and DIP 1000 support

Paul Backus snarwin at
Sat Sep 28 21:28:00 UTC 2019

SumType is a generic sum type for modern D. It is designed to be 
an improved
alternative to `std.variant.Algebraic`.

   - Pattern matching, including support for introspection-based 
matching (★)
   - Self-referential types, using `This`
   - Works with `pure`, `@safe`, `@nogc`, `nothrow`, and 
`immutable` (★)
   - Compatible with `-betterC` and `-dip1000` (★)
   - Zero runtime overhead compared to hand-written C
       - No heap allocation
       - Does not rely on runtime type information (`TypeInfo`) (★)

Starred features (★) are those that are missing from `Algebraic`.

Code examples are available in the documentation (linked below).

New since the last announced version, 0.8.3:
   - SumType is now fully compatible with DIP 1000 and BetterC!
   - `match` no longer ignores implicit conversions when matching 
handlers to
   - Assigning to a SumType that contains pointers is now 
(correctly) @system.
   - Self-referential SumTypes can now be nested.
   - Invariants of SumType members are now checked.
   - Static arrays in SumTypes are now copied correctly.
   - `match` now takes template overloads of handlers into account.
   - Numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

Special thanks to George Zakhour for his contributions to this 

   - Documentation:
   - DUB:
   - Github:

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