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> Now the sad part. I would like to use GtkD at work but I can't. 
> The license is really dangerous for companies (you compile lGpl 
> source code into your application), therefore it is a complete no 
> go from the IP department. The license is a huge blocker for GtkD 
> commercial usage.

I am sure there will be a time in the future when people treat software
licencing as a thing with facts and legal positions in various
jurisdictions rather than a over-emotional panic station.

True companies have convinced themselves that only licences that allow
stealing of others' intellectual work are acceptable to business, but
then that is the point, they can steal the intellectual work with

> I would like to run GTK applications in the browser (broadway 
> html5). Due to the license issue I have to use the C api):
> I hope the authors of GtkD could change their mind in future.

LGPL is a perfectly reasonable licence for Gtk and GtkD, it is not the
bogey-licence that all the knee-jerk emotional reaction claims. LGPL is
not GPL.

Almost all software developers I know who express strong opinions on
software licencing are doing so based on a complete lack of knowledge
of the law and thus the actual reality of software licencing.


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