DIP 1027---String Interpolation---Format Assessment

Walter Bright newshound2 at digitalmars.com
Wed Feb 26 09:53:05 UTC 2020

On 2/25/2020 7:04 AM, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
> On 2/25/20 1:54 AM, Walter Bright wrote:
>> Were you proposing that an i"xxxx" be a different type? (DIP 1027 did not 
>> assign a type to it at all.)
> No, I proposed that the first element of the tuple be specified as a new 
> spec-defined type instead of a string. ... It's not a basic type in terms of a type defined by the compiler, but a type defined by the spec

I have no idea what this means. I'll wait until you and Adam come up with a 
finished DIP.

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