DIP 1027---String Interpolation---Format Assessment

H. S. Teoh hsteoh at quickfur.ath.cx
Fri Feb 28 18:12:19 UTC 2020

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 05:45:35PM +0000, Atila Neves via Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
> On Thursday, 27 February 2020 at 20:00:52 UTC, H. S. Teoh wrote:
> > For all the trouble they've given us, built-in AA's is one of the
> > primary reasons I love D.
> > [...]
> The reason for C++ forcing users to do that is the lack of
> compile-time reflection.

Whatever the reason may be, the result is a total usability nightmare
compared to D's convenience.  Even a supposedly "flawed" feature like
AA's in D compares favorably to C++; I seriously can't bring myself to
write C++ code anymore.  D has ruined my life. :-P


Those who don't understand D are condemned to reinvent it, poorly. -- Daniel N

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