Another DConf Online 2020 Schedule Change

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Nov 16 06:27:48 UTC 2020

Now that we know exactly how long the talks are, we found the 
need to fill some dead space for a video shorter than expected 
and reclaim some extra post-talk Q & A space for a video that 
turned out longer than expected. So we shuffled the schedule 
around a bit to make it happen.

The biggest change is that Alexandru Militaru's talk has been 
moved from 19:20 UTC on Sunday to 15:20 UTC on Saturday. Other 
than that, the start of Ali and Robert's talks on Saturday have 
been moved to slightly earlier times (14:45 UTC and 16:00 UTC, 
respectively), and Stefan's talk on Sunday is back in its 
original 19:20 UTC slot.

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