DConf Online 2020 was a big success!

Walter Bright newshound2 at digitalmars.com
Mon Nov 23 07:39:58 UTC 2020

I enjoyed #DConfOnline very much, though I miss seeing everyone in person.

Thanks go out to all the people who helped out by asking questions that made the 
chats interesting and informative.

Special thanks go out to our speakers who provided the technical presentations:

Stefan Koch
Steven Schveighoffer
Ali Çehreli
Mathis Beer
Átila Neves
Adam D. Ruppe
Mathias Lang
Alexandru Militaru
Robert Schadek

And Extra Special Double-Secret Thanks to Mike Parker, who:

* created the DConf web site
* helped everyone edit and assemble their video presentations
* figured out how to run an online conference
* organized and ran all the sessions
* acted as MC for the entire conference
* was on screen running the show and providing running commentary the entire 
* interviewed all speakers
* asked intelligent questions to fill in any gaps
* took care of all the logistics
* took care of managing the contests and handing out swag
* and surely number of other critical tasks I haven't even thought of that were 
necessary for a smooth operation
* kept his trademark cool and genial manner through it all
* basically was the glue that kept everything together and running smoothly

Even after we return to in-person conferences, I'd like to supplement it with 
these when the Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun.

P.S. I'm old enough to still be amazed by having a video conference with people 
all over the world, and for free! Don't we live in incredible times?

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