posible delegate/inerfunktion bug

Johan Granberg lijat.meREM at OVEgmail.com
Mon Apr 3 02:33:01 PDT 2006

I was writing a callback system for my program when the following issue 
turned up. (gdc mac 0.17)

ext is a bool i a superclass

void classfunktion()
	//crashes with access violation
	//auto exitfunk=delegate bool(){return ext=true;};
	//does not change ext
	//bool exitfunk(){return ext=true;};
	//used here
	widgets[$-1]=new Widget("exit button",p,window,input,&exitfunk);

when i declared it at class level it works
bool exitfunk(){return ext=true;};

is this expected behavior with delegate and inner functions or is it a bug?

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