Possible std.math.exp() bug

anthony.difranco at yale.edu anthony.difranco at yale.edu
Tue Apr 4 06:38:35 PDT 2006

Thanks.  I was actually using your tgamma from dsource.  I was also looking for
documentation for format 
strings for printf but found none in std.c.printf or std.string sections - where
is that covered?

Also, is there a better way to do the ratio of two gammas than subtracting
lgammas and exp at the end?

>The problem is that you're using %f with printf, but those functions 
>return reals.
>Try "%Lf" instead, or use writef.
>However, there *is* an accuracy issue in tgamma, which occurred when it 
>was translated from D back to C (!) for the DMC compiler. You can find 
>the original, accurate tgamma() in the mathextra project at www.dsource.org.

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