DMD compiler choking? [Woohoo!]

Regan Heath regan at
Thu Apr 6 00:14:43 PDT 2006

On Thu, 6 Apr 2006 06:10:30 +0000 (UTC), Jeremy Gibson <jtgibson telus net  
Jeremy_member at> wrote:
> Found the problem, and it was completely irrelevant to everything -- I  
> had all
> of the environment variables set up correctly right from the very  
> beginning.
> The problem?  The object.d file in my project folder was overriding  
> object.d in
> the Phobos directory.  I renamed it to "gameobject.d" and everything  
> works
> peachy-keen now.
> (I noticed this because after I uncommented some code in object.d, I  
> started
> getting some errors in that file while I tried to compile the file  
> test.d (which
> I posted) in the same folder.  test.d does not import object.d at all, so
> something had to be automatically importing it.  That's when it clicked.)
> This kind of name clash should probably be documented... =)

Ahh, of course. Yeah, at least one other person has had this exact same  

At the very least it should be documented. The compiler could error on  
compiling object.d, and/or refuse to create an object.o and/or refuse to  
link/see any object.o which is not in the main directory.

(cross posted to bugs, not sure if it needs a bugzilla entry?)


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