DMD compiler choking? [Woohoo!]

Justin C Calvarese technocrat7 at
Fri Apr 7 22:33:02 PDT 2006

Hasan Aljudy wrote:
> James Dunne wrote:
>> Sean Kelly wrote:
>>> Regan Heath wrote:


>>>> At the very least it should be documented. The compiler could error 
>>>> on compiling object.d, and/or refuse to create an object.o and/or 
>>>> refuse to link/see any object.o which is not in the main directory.
>>> For what it's worth, I've run into this with Ares before.  DMD 
>>> requires certain class definitions to be in object.d.  If it needs 
>>> them and they aren't there, the compiler crashes.  But this should be 
>>> reported, as the correct behavior would be to terminate with a 
>>> helpful message.
>>> Sean
>> DMD's phobos should rename the object module class to something 
>> inconspicuous like '_d_object' or something to avoid naming conflicts 
>> with new programmers. :) (I just thought naming conflicts with new 
>> programmers was kinda funny)
> I think it should just go into std package, making it std.object
> This way it'll be very hard to make the above mentioned mistake without 
> knowing what's going on.

I asked Walter to put object into std.object a long time ago. I don't 
think he ever responded to that request (i.e. if there's a reason why he 
won't do this, I don't remember what it is).

I also think that gcstats.d, unittest.d, crc32.d, etc. should be moved 
into the std module (or into "internal" or "etc").


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