[Bug 88] New: Add .isizeof property for compile-time instance size determination

Bruno Medeiros brunodomedeirosATgmail at SPAM.com
Sat Apr 8 07:44:33 PDT 2006

Kyle Furlong wrote:
> Sean Kelly wrote:
>> Kyle Furlong wrote:
>>> Walter Bright wrote:
>>>> d-bugmail at puremagic.com wrote:
>>>>>           Severity: enhancement
>>>> Please don't add feature requests to the bug list.
>>> What else is the enhancement severity for?
>> Eh, I think Walter wants to maintain a fairly high signal/noise ratio 
>> on the bug list.  That's perfectly reasonable IMO.  Though it suggests 
>> the need for a forum besides digitalmars.D for proposals and such, as 
>> things tend to get lost fairly quickly there.
>> Sean
> How is any "noise" added to the "signal" you want? The point of those 
> filters is that you can ignore then ones you want to.

Well, I think it is because feature/enhancement requests require some 
amount of discussion, and a bugzilla is not an adequate place to make 
such discussions (not just in terms of S/N ratio, but mainly because of 
the posting system). I agree with this view.

Bruno Medeiros - CS/E student

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