It runs slower and slower

Lionello Lunesu lio at
Thu Apr 13 07:02:17 PDT 2006

jing0129 wrote:
> This may be a stupid question. I can't even know if this is a right place to 
> ask this question. However, I really hope someone can help me.
> My computer begins to run slower and slower, yet I didn't save many files 
> inside it. So, what kind of problems may makes this result? Is it bugs? But 
> I can't find them through Norton! 

Indeed, this is NOT the right place to ask that question :) but I might 
as well answer.

Assuming your running Windows (slow, you say?) I'd suggest you install 
the BETA of Windows OneCare. It's for US only, but if you put your 
regional settings to "English (US)" (control panel) you can install it.
or, in case that doesn't work:

It should fix many problems. Worked for me anyway.


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