Bugzilla - thanks to Brad Roberts

Ant duitoolkit at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 17 00:02:01 PDT 2006

Sean Kelly wrote:
> Ant wrote:
>> Brad Roberts wrote:
>>> On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Ant wrote:
>>>> Walter Bright wrote:
>>>>> I admit I was skeptical when Brad proposed using bugzilla to manage 
>>>>> bug
>>>>> reports for D. But I was wrong. It's working out very well. I think 
>>>>> it's
>>>>> becoming a big contributor to the quality of D (in conjunction with 
>>>>> Thomas'
>>>>> excellent dstress), and Brad deserves the credit.
>>>>> -Walter
>>>> Walter,
>>>> Allow me to remind you that a long time ago
>>>> several people suggested it
>>>> and volunteer to set it up
>>>> and you flat out refuse to use it.
>>>> Ant
>>>> BTW thanks for D
>>> I guess there's something to be said for just doing it. :)
>> You don't understand, Walter asked explicitly not to be done.
> I guess there's something to be said for doing it anyway :-)
> Sean

OK, seems that you guys don't get it, I'll explain:
Walter, sometimes you are the worst enemy of D.


but of course, thanks for D.

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