Bugzilla - thanks to Brad Roberts

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 15:00:56 PDT 2006

Kyle Furlong wrote:

>> OK, seems that you guys don't get it, I'll explain:
>> Walter, sometimes you are the worst enemy of D.
>> Ant
>> but of course, thanks for D.
> And sometimes, you make an ass of yourself. Oh wait, no, thats most of 
> the time.

Really, Kyle.  That's not helpful at all.  Ant has been a heavy 
contributor to D for years and has my utmost respect.  I don't see your 
name as one of the /few/ people that Walter has included in his list of 


Ant means well, even if it doesn't always come across perfectly.  Ant 
has a valid point here, though it probably would have been best to leave 
it alone at one post.  We forgive Walter. :)

Have care, Kyle.  I notice you like to castigate people too readily, 
often showing disrespect to those that greatly exceed you in age and 

Are you willing to share your age and experience to give people a 
perspective of who you are and why you feel you are fit to take this 
roll?  I doubt it.

I'm not trying to embarrass you.  Just encourage you to be more 
cautious. I've had to learn it all the hard way.


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