[Bug 106] template - mixin sequence

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Tue Apr 18 11:14:53 PDT 2006


benoit at tionex.de changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
           Severity|normal                      |blocker

------- Comment #2 from benoit at tionex.de  2006-04-18 13:14 -------
The workaround "changing the source file order" does not always help.
I changed the file order manually and dmd fails also.
In the moment I cannot compile code, that is compilable in another file

my actual situation: FileA uses mixins from FileB. I put FileB as the first
file in the source file list, FileA as last.

-v output is:
it passes all files with "parse". Than the first file with "semantic" is FileB,
but it failes here with:
..FileA(..): mixin forward reference to template

I repeat, FileA+FileB do compile if they are part of another build process.

So I think this should be marked as "blocker".


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