[Bug 111] appending a dchar to a char[]

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Fri Apr 21 06:20:16 PDT 2006


smjg at iname.com changed:

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------- Comment #1 from smjg at iname.com  2006-04-21 08:20 -------
Nothing like the error I get:

bugz111.d(3): unterminated character constant
bugz111.d(3): #line integer ["filespec"]\n expected
bugz111.d(3): unterminated character constant
bugz111.d(4): found 't' when expecting ';' following 'statement'
bugz111.d(4): found '~=' instead of statement

This is more understandable, since after the lexer has found one character,
namely the '&', it expects the closing quote.  However, it appears that the
compiler is poor at recovering from this error.


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