About Format String Attack for D's *writef*()

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Thu Oct 5 05:36:17 PDT 2006

is91042 wrote:

> Consider the following code.
> 	char[] user_name;
> 	writefln("Please Input your name: ");
> 	din.readf("%s", &user_name);
> 	writefln("Your name is ", user_name, ". And my name is Peter.");

BTW; "din" does not work in GDC on the Mac:
(i.e. std.stream.readf doesn't, actually...)

Please Input your name:
Your name is . And my name is Peter.

This is because there is no portable D standard
for how "typeid comparison" is supposed to work ?

In DMD, one typeid === another. In GDC, only ==.
(meaning that "arguments[j] is typeid()" breaks)

And I think that readf should go in std.stdio...
(along with freadf, and also std.string.unformat)



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