[Issue 387] When EOF of din is reached, a line of output is lost

Walter Bright newshound at digitalmars.com
Thu Oct 5 14:21:47 PDT 2006

d-bugmail at puremagic.com wrote:
> http://d.puremagic.com/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=387
> ------- Comment #4 from smjg at iname.com  2006-09-30 11:47 -------
> Alas, it's a bug with the OS.  I've tried the C stdio API (both DM and Borland
> implementations) and the Windows file I/O API with the same effect.  And I'm
> still lost for a workaround.

For a workaround, test to see which version of Windows you're running 
under, and generate an extra line of output for the buggy one. Look in 
std/file.d for how to determine the version.

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