[Issue 423] New: dmd ignores empty commandline arguments

Thomas Kuehne thomas-dloop at kuehne.cn
Wed Oct 11 13:35:41 PDT 2006

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Walter Bright schrieb am 2006-10-11:
> Derek Parnell wrote:
>> The strings on a command line contain information even if one of them is
>> empty - at the very least it is a placeholder. 
> We could argue this till the cows come home. But the current behavior:
> 1) Is a result of the Digital Mars C startup code
> 2) It's been that way for 20+ years
> 3) It's embedded into every DM tool and every command line program 
> created with DM

Please document this behaviour(http://www.digitalmars.com/d/dcompiler.html).

> Nobody has ever complained about it or even commented on it before. I 
> doubt anyone has noticed it - I certainly haven't, and I've used this 
> stuff probably more than anyone <g>.
> Linux, however, does behave the way you suggest - at least the default 
> shell I use does it that way. On the other hand, I've never seen any 
> linux utility that made any mention in its documentation about having 
> any meaning assigned to blank arguments. Trying it on a few just gives 
> errors.
> In other words, I don't think it's worth arguing about or changing.

The Linux Way is very nice for locating scripting bugs:

dmd "${SOURCE_1}" "${SPURCE_2}"




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