[Issue 424] Unexpected OPTLINK Termination at EIP=0044C37B

Walter Bright newshound at digitalmars.com
Sun Oct 15 20:37:39 PDT 2006

d-bugmail at puremagic.com wrote:
> After bug 386 is fixed. I tried to compile each source file separately again,
> now I no longer have 'import conflicts' problems, but I still cannot get many
> of the file compiled, the compiler just hangs: I guess it run into some
> infinite loop.  But unfortunately I cannot isolate the issue to send you a test
> case.

Here's how to do it. Make a copy of your project. Create a .bat file 
that compiles it. Verify that it hangs. Now, keep deleting code until 
you have the minimum that produces the hang.

I've never seen one yet that couldn't be isolated down this way, 
including from people who swore it couldn't be done <g>. Don't worry 
about intelligently deciding what lines to delete. Delete something, 
even if it's just one line.

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