"Comment processing conceptually happens before tokenization."

Stewart Gordon smjg_1998 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 14:26:51 PDT 2006


"Comment processing conceptually happens before tokenization. This means 
that embedded strings and comments do not prevent recognition of comment 
openings and closings:"

But the first sentence, the way it's written, means that comments that 
begin within strings will be treated as comments, which is contrary to 
my experience.  That is,

     a = "Here is a string with a /+ comment delimiter"; // +/ in it";

would be treated as

     a = "Here is a string with a  in it";

when, in fact, the opening "/+", being within a string, is treated as 
part of the string; therefore a will contain

     "Here is a string with a /+ comment delimiter"

The second sentence of the quotation is also open to interpretation. 
Claiming that they "do not prevent recognition of comment openings" 
tempts one to think that arbitrary comment openings within a string or 
comment will be processed.

A more accurate way to put it (assuming that what the compiler does is 
what was intended) is:

The contents of strings and comments are not tokenized.  Consequently, 
comment openings occurring within a string do not begin a comment, and 
string delimiters within a comment do not affect the recognition of 
comment closings and nested "/+" comment openings.  With the exception 
of "/+" occurring within a "/+" comment, comment openings within a 
comment are ignored.


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