Strange error message with alias

Roberto Mariottini rmariottini at
Fri Oct 20 06:40:20 PDT 2006


alias int A;

void f(int x)

void f(A x)

Gives the following error message:

C:\Down\dlang>dmd test.d
C:\Down\dlang\dmd\bin\..\..\dm\bin\link.exe test,,,user32+kernel32/noi;
OPTLINK (R) for Win32  Release 7.50B1
Copyright (C) Digital Mars 1989 - 2001  All Rights Reserved

test.obj(test)  Offset 000CDH Record Type 00C3
  Error 1: Previous Definition Different : _D8test1fFiZv
OPTLINK : Warning 23: No Stack
OPTLINK : Warning 134: No Start Address
--- errorlevel 1

IMHO the compiler should issue an error before the linker complains for 
a duplicated identifier. It is also difficult to find which symbol is 


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